FRAGRANCEUNSCENTED → Wedgwood Unscented 12" Classic Tapers
Wedgwood Unscented 12

Wedgwood Unscented 12

Wedgwood Unscented 12" Classic Tapers


Color: Wedgwood

Candle Scent: UNSCENTED

Product Form: 12" CLASSICS

Dimensions: 12 in



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Product Information
Enjoy the simplicity of an unscented, fragrance free candle. Colonial Candle Classic tapers are the perfect accessory for decorating and entertaining. Made from the highest quality wax, our Classic tapers ensure a smooth, clean-burning, virtually dripless candle that burns slowly and evenly. The beveled base provides stability and support needed for most taper holders. Packaged in a box of 12, each 12" Classic taper burns for up to 12 hours.
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