Candle Holder Care, Cleaning and Wax Removal Tips

Below are some suggestions for removing wax spills and splatters from a variety of surfaces. Always test an area prior to tackling the entire spill to make sure the method you are using will not cause further damage.

Nonporous surfaces (glass, plastic, glazed ceramic): To clean your candle holders and to remove excess wax, wash the holder in hot, soapy water. Never use sharp instruments and do not place the holder in the microwave.
The key to correcting a wax spill on carpeting is getting it taken care of as quickly as possible. Dye from the candle will permeate the carpet fibers if not taken care of in a timely manor.
Once the wax has hardened, take paper towels and place several layers over the wax spill. Place your iron on a dry, cotton setting, and move the iron over the paper towels slowly until you see evidence of the wax on the towel. The wax will absorb into the paper towel as it heats up so make sure to replace the paper towel with clean, dry sheets as needed.
*NOTE: Some synthetic carpets may melt if you set the temperature on your iron too high. Be sure to do a small test area so you can make any temperature adjustments prior to beginning.
After the majority of the wax has been removed, there might be wax or dye residue left behind. If the area is small enough, use a small amount of hot soapy water to take care of the spill. If the area is too large, consult a carpet cleaning expert in your area for suggestions or help in completing the clean up.
Do not use sharp objects to ‘chip’ excess wax nor should you use your vacuum to try and take care of the problem as that will cause damage to the carpet fibers.
Porous Surfaces (wood, stone, concrete, unglazed ceramics, etc.):
It may be impossible to completely remove the wax from a porous surface, as the melted wax can permeate down into the material. 
To remove excess or a wax spill, wash the holder in hot, soapy water. We do not recommend letting the holder soak. Never use sharp instruments and do not place in the microwave.
Small tabletop spills: Depending on how large the wax spill is, we recommend placing a hot soapy cloth over the area to help soften the wax, remove any residue, rinse and repeat. You can then buff away any remaining wax residue.
Note: Follow the garment tag for cleaning instructions. Once the wax has been removed, for machine-washable fabrics, rub in a small amount of laundry soap then wash per the garment instructions. Dry clean only garments should be taken to your local professional dry cleaner.